Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting my website! Since you are on my about page, I will assume you’re interested in learning a little more about me, and my current projects. So, here it goes.

A little about me:

By day I am a programmer in Silicon Valley California. Almost every remaining waking moment I am a writer, though I also love photography, gaming, and reading. I am a twenty-two-year old California-born, but spent half of my life exploring the wild jungles of Costa Rica. Many of my life experiences sound like fiction, so it only makes sense I ended up here, taking on the journey of becoming a published fiction author. Now, when I say my life experiences sound like fiction, I mean it. If I didn’t have photographic evidence I wouldn’t believe half of it myself.
I spent a couple years with a Raccoon sleeping on my pillow. I’ve been in floods, earthquakes, and deafening thunderstorms. I’ve showered with a baby crocodile. Spent humid afternoons exploring remote beaches, jungles, and waterfalls. I’ve gotten to pet and help care for wild cats. I’ve camped on secluded beaches and in abandoned towns swallowed up by the jungle. I helped rescue, raise and re-release more exotic animals than I can count. English is my native language, but I am also fluent in Spanish and can understand more programming languages than I can comfortably name. I spent a couple years in the Harmony Orchestra in Costa Rica, playing concerts right on the beach, and if I start writing full time, I plan to return to playing violin as a hobby. I hold a Bachelors of Science, majored in biology and minored in Computer science. One credit more and I’d have a minor in psychology too.
All of my wild experiences have only fed my adventurous spirit and left me hungry for more. That is why I write. I can’t spend my days venturing into the world to experience its wonders, so I create my own world and venture into its depths instead. And soon my books will be available for purchase and you will be able to read all about the worlds I’ve built in my head.

A little about my current projects:

I’m excited to announce the fast approaching debut of my first novel, Aletheia from The Seventh River series. Aletheia will be available to readers on the 7th of July, 2017. You can subscribe to my mailing list for updates, announcements, and release notifications. If you are worried about receiving too many messages but still want to be notified when Aletheia is available for pre-order, just select the “Release Notification” option from the drop down on the subscription page. I will be releasing a synopsis, cover announcement, and trailers soon. Aletheia will be available to pre-order on April 7th, so keep your eye out! If you want more information, make sure to check out
Starting at the beginning of April, I will being debuting a Youtube channel centered around advice for writers. For a sneak peek at content, make sure to check out my blog.

Feel free contact me with any questions or comments via my contact page. Or follow me on Twitter at my general account @MI_Tennant or at my writer oriented account @_Megan_Tennant . You can also check out my social media accounts page for a live sample of my feeds. I’m also avaliable on all sorts of social media plateforms, which you can find the links to in the footer of this website.

Thank you for visiting my website! Remember to check back soon for announcements, blog posts, and more information on my debut novel Aletheia.

Best Wishes,
Megan Tennant